About Novacolor Italian Finishes

Novacolor Italian Finishes is a distributor of Novacolor in California.

Novacolor has been a premier producer of high-end modern and traditional decorative plasters with bespoke finishes since 1982. They are committed to non-toxic production of plasters that are sourced and manufactured 100% in Italy. Focused on the Mass Balance & Green Approach, pioneered by BASF, Novacolor promotes products that will leave a lighter footprint on our precious planet. Additionally, they are committed to innovating decorative finishes, textures, and colors yearly.

In 2022, Novacolor Italian Finishes opened its showroom in Los Angeles to share the high-quality wall finishes ranging from high-gloss and satin finish lime plasters, metallic coatings, micro-cement, wallpaper, textured paints, liquid metal, and application tools.

We are focused on building a community of professional applicators of Italian-made plasters through courses, corporate training, and creative events. We strive to provide quality customer support through our commitment to timely responses and delivery.

Feel free to reach out to us with questions and orders.